Waste Connections Case Study - Ripcord

Waste Connections Case Study

Effortless expansion and optimized workflows for legal and HR records

Waste Connections, a leading waste management and recycling provider, had experienced exponential growth after several strategic acquisitions. This left them with a surge of HR and legal documents from various entities and systems that posed formidable challenges in terms of access, compliance, and operational efficiency. They knew they needed a flexible solution that would allow them to digitize, classify, and organize all historical and ongoing documents. 

Learn how Ripcord empowered Waste Connections to gain full control over their burgeoning document landscape. By facilitating seamless integration of disparate data sources, Ripcord's solution not only streamlined access across teams and locations but also catalyzed process improvements, providing a robust foundation for sustained growth and operational excellence.

Download the case study to explore how Ripcord turned challenges into opportunities for Waste Connections, enabling them to navigate their journey of rapid expansion with unparalleled efficiency. You'll learn how Waste Connections achieved: 

  • Rapid digitization of the company’s historical and ongoing data within an impressive three-month timeframe.
  • Implemented AI-driven data extraction and indexing, enhancing visibility and tracking throughout the entire employee lifecycle.
  • Classified 12 document types with an outstanding accuracy rate of 99.5%, significantly boosting the effectiveness of search functionalities.