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Daiwa Living Case Study

Accelerating access to lease agreements

Daiwa Living, a leading rental housing management company, faced challenges with paper-based contracts, hindering everyday tasks and causing operational headaches. Evolving laws and frequent document references led to mix-ups and missing files, prompting the need for a swift digital solution.

Enter Ripcord – the catalyst for Daiwa Living's operational turnaround. By leveraging our robotic digitization, cutting-edge machine learning, human-in-the-loop validation, and cloud-based platform, Canopy, Daiwa Living has been propelled into a new era of efficiency with Ripcord by its side. Now, seamless document retrieval and speedy access to critical information are at their fingertips.

Discover how Ripcord transformed Daiwa Living, providing the organization with:

  • Efficient document recall
  • Uninterrupted business continuity
  • Anytime, anywhere access to critical data 
  • Unified records management